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My Journey From Muslim to Catholic

“How did you go from Islam to Catholicism?”

I’ve been asked that several times since my confirmation in 2012. I don’t mind answering this question at all. The problem has typically been that I’ve been asked this in such a setting in which I’ve only had only a few minutes to give an answer. The story of my conversion, from Islam to Christianity, from Evangelical to Catholic, is a rather long one. My reception into the Catholic Church was not the result of one great “aha” moment, as it was with Saint Paul, but the result of many moments that called for my reflection, and over the course of nearly thirty years.

I’ve recently had the privilege of sharing the story of my conversion on EWTN’s The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi (although JonMarc Grodi was the one who interviewed me in this episode). Thankfully, they gave me an hour.

I hope that by sharing the story of my own conversion, I can be a channel of God’s grace. I hope that Muslims who are struggling with their own faith would be encouraged to consider the Christian faith rather than fall into the trappings of nominalism and irreligion. I hope that my fellow Catholics, and all fellow Christians, can feel assured by the testimony of one person’s unwitting journey that what we believe is true indeed; for if I can come around say “Jesus Christ is Lord,” then anyone can. That is what I hope, but how I am to be used is at the Spirit’s discretion.

Enjoy, and God bless!

– Zubair Simonson

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Zubair Simonson

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2 People Replies to “My Journey From Muslim to Catholic”

  1. Gilbert

    There’s no salvation outside the Catholic Church

  2. Brendan Flynn

    Zubair, welcome Home, brother! We’re glad to have you. It took a lot of integrity and intellectual honesty to do what you did. The Almighty has great plans for you.

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