The Founder


Photo courtesy Jmotive Photography

Hi, my name is Sam Guzman, and I’m the founder and editor of the Catholic Gentleman. I’m the husband of a beautiful woman and the father of four precious children. I live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

I’m an author, blogger, and occasional poet, and my work has appeared in such publications as Catholic Exchange, Aleteia, Truth and Charity Forum, Jesus the Imagination, and The Christian Science Monitor. I’m a frequent guest on EWTN, Magnificat Radio, Radio Maria and other media outlets.

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Divine Mercy University. My first book, also titled The Catholic Gentlemanis forthcoming from Ignatius Press

Above all, I am a Catholic, and I strive to be a faithful son of the Church. My purpose in life is to be a saint. Through loving and total consecration to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, I seek to be formed into the image of Jesus Christ.

I also happen to:

  • shave with an old fashioned safety razor
  • smoke a pipe
  • love a good stout
  • have been known to write poetry
  • am an amateur bibliophile
  • love leather
  • own three antique typewriters
  • occasionally collect fountain pens
  • appreciate fine timepieces
  • attend the Latin mass

Oremus pro invicem.