Short Squeezes and The Ethics of Reddit
Imagination and the Will: What You Gaze On Is What You Become
Loyalty and Localism
St. Maximilian Kolbe: Tribute to a Seed
We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood: The Spiritual World and the Events of History
The God in the Stable: A Christmas Meditation
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Podcast Ep. 8: How the Virgin Mary Helps us Be Better Men

How can the Blessed Virgin Mary help us be better men? We are prone to look for masculine models to imitate, and yet the constant chorus of the saints through the ages has been that the Blessed Mother is indispensable to a man's spiritual life. Dr. Mark Miravalle will help illuminate how the Virgin Mary can help us grow in...

Battling Porn: How to Know if You’re Addicted

Because pornography use is so widely used and accepted today, many people may wonder if they are addicted to it.  According to Dr. Mark Laaser (1992) pornography/sexual addiction is “any persistent and escalating unhealthy pattern of sexual behavior. It is compulsive in nature and used to avoid or change feelings despite destructive consequences to self and others.” Diagnosing an addiction...

St. Joseph the Essential Worker

My grandfather was a scientist of significant accomplishment.  He invented some laundry detergents(“All”), the fabric in use in most French drains – which likely surround your home – and the means by which most homes today expel radon, which seeps in from the depths of the earth, a silent demon come up from darkness that goes unnoticed for most until...

Don’t Waste Your Life: The Importance of Bold, Faith-Filled Action

I don't have much use for success gurus, but one idea from Tony Robbins that I heard years ago stuck with me. When asked the secret of change, he talks about taking "massive action." We often don't achieve our dreams, he claims, because we're too half-hearted and timid about pursuing them. We think about what we'd like to do endlessly, but never...

Podcast Ep. 7: Leaving Boyhood Behind with Jason Craig

What does it mean to be a man? How does a boy become a man? These questions are relevant to every man today. In this episode, I'm joined by Jason Craig, a farmer, author, men's leader, and convert to Catholicism who writes frequently about the transition from boyhood to manhood. Jason is the author of "Leaving Boyhood Behind, " and...

Podcast Ep. 6: The Power of the Holy Rosary with Fr. Lawrence Lew

In this episode, I speak with Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP, promoter general of the Holy Rosary for the Dominican Order. Fr. Lew is a convert to the Catholic faith, and one time he was skeptical of all things Marian. Now, he travels the world preaching and teaching others to love the Blessed Mother and to pray the Holy Rosary. In...

The Annunciation: When Freedom and Love Were One

Excerpt from Archbishop Fulton Sheen's book, The World’s First Love.  The modern age, which gives primacy to sex, justifies promiscuity and divorce on the grounds that love is by its nature free—which, indeed, it is. All love is free love, in a certain sense. To be devoid of love is of the essence of hell. Scripture tells us: “Where the...

INTERVIEW: A Bishop Speaks on Coronavirus and Church Closures

Many Catholics are deeply anxious about the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. Some are frustrated and even angry about parish closures in a time when we long for access to the sacraments. And it is looking increasingly as if we may have an historic Easter without public celebration of the Triduum. In light of these developments, I wanted some...

Digital Masses and Johnny Cash on the Pain of Lonely Sundays

Note: This is the opening of the forthcoming issue of Sword & Spade.  It is being published here exclusively because of its ties to an upcoming Sunday that is potentially without Mass. As this issue nears printing the coronavirus is forcing many into “social isolation” to slow the pandemic.  Whatever your opinion of such measures, there is the real possibility...

Podcast Ep. 5: Fatherhood, the Eucharist, and the Bible with Dr. Scott Hahn

In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing the best selling author, speaker, and professor, Dr. Scott Hahn. For decades, Dr. Hahn has been one of the foremost teachers of the Catholic faith to those both inside and outside the church. A convert to the Catholic faith, Dr. Hahn has shared his conversion story with hundreds of thousands around...

Peace, Be Still: Making the Most of the Storm We Face

Fear is a mental and spiritual virus. It spreads faster and more efficiently than any airborne disease. Its symptoms are at times anger, aggression, isolation, despair, irrationality, loss of faith, and clouded judgement, among other things. And if there is one emotion that dominates the world at this time, it is a deep and abiding fear. It is no wonder,...