Podcast Ep. 9: Why We Need the Traditional Latin Mass with Dr. Peter Kwasniewski
Fathers, Don’t Tap Out
International Buy a Priest a Beer Day is Almost Here
Fail Forward: 7 Blessings of Falls in the Lives of Men
Fathers, Bring the Joy
Fathers, Fight for Milk
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Podcast Ep. 4: Consecration to St. Joseph with Fr. Donald Calloway

Our culture faces a crisis of fatherhood. The Church, too, has been wounded by scandals that have marred the name of father. In such times, how can we grow in holiness and become better men and better fathers? In this episode, I talk with Fr. Donald Calloway, creator and promoter of the new 33 day consecration to St. Joseph, patterned...

A Simple Lent: 5 Ways to Focus on What’s Important

Life is complex. As a husband and father, blogger, podcaster, full-time employee, and full-time graduate student, it often seems like the responsibilities I face continue to multiply endlessly, while the time allotted to accomplish them does not. No sooner do I make progress in one area of life, than another domain for which I am responsible seems to spin out...

Frivolity and Friendship: On The Eternal Importance of Good Friends

I was wearing my running clothes, standing on a patch of grass across from the downtown Krispy Kreme. Four donuts were in my hand, mashed together, the third such round of four. Looking upon them made me cringe. I sighed and then I took a bite. I chewed only once and my mouth fired out the contents so that it...

Boredom, Isolation, & the Internet: The Perfect Storm

Tom was noticeably upset as he described his frustration with pornography use.  It seemed that every day at work he would end up going online and viewing pornography.  No matter what he tried, he always seemed to fall into the same pattern.  For Tom, the root causes of his internet porn use were boredom, isolation, and access to the internet....

Podcast Ep. 3: The Man of the Household with Dr. John Cuddeback

What does it mean to be a man? Even more fundamentally, what does it mean to be human? In this Episode, I discuss these questions and more with Dr. John Cuddeback, a professor of philosophy and author with deep insights into how live a more human life filled with the joy of community, real work, and a connection to the...

We Need This Virtue Because Screens are Changing Us

Will you make it through this article? You have been re-programmed in the media-saturated age of consumerism and internet galloping to skim this article.  You’re here to grab enough of it to sense a completion after reading, perhaps gaining a sense of gained knowledge, maybe feeling part of a tribe or something. I’ve been trained as a “content” writer to...

Angels and Demons: A Reflection on Abortion

It happened in a Manhattan church in 2012.  My eyes were intently fixed upon the altar. I was planted on a pew in the lower church. On both sides I was flanked by statues of holy men and women. The little flames of devotional candles were twisting and dancing before the statues, rising up as prayers to Heaven. The sweet...

On the Necessity of Struggle

Yesterday, I began the spiritual exercise Exodus 90 with a cohort of local men. There's quite a few disciplines involved, such as extra prayers, intense physical exercise, fasting, and cold showers to name a few. It isn't easy---but in the big picture of human suffering, most of the sacrifices required are relatively small. Exodus 90 disciplines aren't going to kill...

Conviction: Where God’s Love and Mercy Intersect

Marty has a strong belief in God; however, he struggled to understand God’s unconditional love for him.  Marty’s struggle with pornography addiction left him feeling worthless and unlovable, especially in God’s eyes.  For Marty, a large part of recovery is understanding how God can be both just and merciful.  This is a struggle I find in many of the people...

The Catholic Gentleman Podcast Ep. 1 – Sacred Music with J.J. Wright

Today, the feast of the Epiphany, I am pleased to announce that the official launch of The Catholic Gentleman Podcast. Please forgive the audio glitches and other quirks as I learn the fine art of podcasting. I am learning as I go! In our first episode, I talk sacred music with composer J.J. Wright, whose recent album Vespers for the...

A Toast to J.R.R. Tolkien!

A very happy 128th birthday to the great myth-maker and devout Catholic (and one of my favorite writers), J.R.R. Tolkien! Tolkien's writings are richly textured and immersive. He was more than an author. He was a "sub-creator" of an incredibly complex world, replete with exotic and unforgettable creatures, invented languages, histories, and characters. His legends unfold an entire cosmos in...