Now Reading: How Social Media is Killing Your Attention Span

How Social Media is Killing Your Attention Span

Recently, I wrote about the nature of technology and how digital devices are designed to fragment our attention. It’s a very real challenge to manage. I sat down with Matt Fradd yesterday to continue the conversation. We had an excellent discussion on the Integrity Restored podcast about the nature of technology and what we can do to reclaim our attention. Here’s a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • How social media trains us to give in to our impulses
  • How digital devices change our conversations
  • Practical tips for managing technology more effectively
  • And more!

Listen to the podcast using the player below.

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Sam Guzman

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7 People Replies to “How Social Media is Killing Your Attention Span”

  1. Steven

    In 1977 when I was a master’s candidate at the Naval Postgraduate School, we had a concern that science was working very hard to improve the Man-to-machine interface, as it was called back then (it has now been changed to human-computer interface to make it gender neutral). This was particularly true for the military where increasingly complex weapons systems were demanding improved displays and decision-making aids. It was imperative to simplify actions and speed up response times, a matter of survival when hostilities began. Our concern at NPS was that we saw a parallel WEAKENING of our human-to-human interface, the ability to talk with each other, to feel for each other, and to deal respectfully with each other. We are beginning to recognize that the “age of computers” is actually the evolution of technology that enables us to communicate more rapidly, to touch many more that we would otherwise influence, and yet to dehumanize the process, Cyber-bullying is one classic example how the culture of addictive communications has taken over. Many of us understand that there is an “off” button that gets rid of the bullying, but so many of our kids cannot put the devices down and hold a real conversation with another person. We now find ourselves in a place where a course in responsible use of telecommunications and social media should be part of grade school curricula, maybe even kindergarten. When we have our grandkids over, we have a daily habit of collecting the phones and tablets, turning them off, and forcing them to go through the day talking with others, getting outside to play in the park or pool or beach, exploring nature with us, or reading. We play board games, not video ones, and we all help in preparing meals that we eat together–and pray over before we eat. But it has a short half-life. What was a concern forty years ago has become a global societal crisis. Sad, because the technology is capable of such good.

  2. Anything can be used properly or improperly. Social media can be used for teaching a worldwide audience.

  3. Tabitha

    Nearing its end
    Christianity lurches
    Unable to maintain
    The lies of the churches

    As I reveal
    The unholy con
    I lift up My Cup
    And adore Babalon!

  4. Larry

    “digital devices are designed to fragment our attention”

    “Designed to”? That’s the most absurd thing I’ve read on this site. And that’s saying a lot.

  5. gabriel

    Yes, there are to many distractions, our mind needs silence to hear te voice of God with no interrumptions. If you go to mass and the celular rings It always be very unpolite to say the least. And every moment you can hear the voice of God in your conscience.

  6. Edward

    Great podcast and practical advice! It summed up a lot of rationalizing I went through myself before I eventually closed all my social media accounts. I began by removing apps from my phone and fasting for months at a time; but every time I’d return for an “inspired” post, I’d always find myself putting way too much time and thought into it again—and I was using it strictly for faith sharing purposes. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. That Bible passage on cutting off ones hand got me to thinking that it may be more of a distraction for me than others. I’ve seen many people use it in a very disciplined and purposeful manner. After pulling the plug on everything except an occasional blog post, I found myself spending more time with family and studying my Bible, and the Lord eventually opened another door of ministry where I’m able to share what I’ve learned. Great post!

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