Now Reading: International Buy a Priest a Beer Day!

International Buy a Priest a Beer Day!

St. Hopswald of Aleyard, the first man to take his priest our for a beer.

St. Hopswald of Aleyard, the first man to take his priest our for a beer.

Did you know that this coming Monday, September 9, is International Buy a Priest a Beer Day? On this festive day, faithful Catholics all over the world take their priests out for a beer and get to know them better. It’s a beautiful Catholic tradition that goes back to the time of St. Hopswald of Aleyard, the first man to take his priest out for a beer.

Okay, if you’re getting suspicious by now, there’s a good reason. Buy a Priest a Beer Day is not a real holiday. But I would argue that it should be!

Believe it or not, priests are real people, and they enjoy socializing over good food and drink as much as anyone. They also have a thankless and difficult job, a job that we couldn’t get to heaven without. Priests are the lifeblood of the Church, and they deserve some appreciation.

So with that in mind, I would challenge you to do something concrete to show appreciation to your priest in the month ahead. Yes, it could be taking him out for a beer, or it could be inviting him over to share dinner with your family. Be creative if you want, but give back to your priest somehow, and let him know that his ministry is making a difference.

Of course, your priest may be insanely busy and unable to schedule a time for a lengthier visit. That’s okay. You could offer a rosary or a holy hour for him and his intentions (or better yet, more than one), and let him know that you are regularly praying for him. At the very least, express to him your gratitude, in person or via a note, for his faithful ministry and his answering God’s call to the priesthood.

I fully expect there to be a lot of happy, encouraged priests by the end of the month. If you want to participate, leave a comment saying, “I’m in!” Ready, set, go.

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128 People Replies to “International Buy a Priest a Beer Day!”

  1. Now Fr. Joe, you would be drunk until the next BUY YOUR PRIEST A BEER day, if every friend you had bought you a beer.

  2. Beth

    Episcopalians love beer too! I’ll buy my priest a beer and he can buy me one next month on buy your deacon a beer day!

  3. Geoffrey Lubic

    What about vodka? I usually don’t drink beer because the brand and/or particular brew (Sam Adams “Double Bock) I like is not available.

  4. Remember beer keeps you Holy
    “Qui bibit, dormit
    Qui dormit, non peccat
    Qui non peccat, Sanctus est
    Ergo, qui bibit Sanctus est”

  5. Janneke

    What a lovely idea! Will share this with a lot of people!

  6. Unknown priest

    I may give a+ for the thoughts of the writer for supporting priests. Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. Still, i may give c for beer. Am i a priest?

  7. Oooooooh! I can’t wait! Who will take me first?

  8. Kathy

    Absolutely I’m in! Thank you for the reminder to appreciate our hardworking men of the cloth!

  9. I’m in…and I shared it.

  10. Jack Donnelly

    I had a priest staying with me for 8 days and, believe me, he had plenty of beer without waiting for today!

  11. christopher Trice

    to bad this monday is the 8th and the 9th is a tuesday. i guess that we dont take him out for a beer then.

  12. Been there, done that, many times!!! I love drinking beer with my favorite priest. He and i like the same kind of beer! Cheers! I am definately IN!

  13. John M

    Well my local Friary got the better end of this! I was nicely suckered in here!

  14. Betterlife

    Great Idea. I just forwarded it to my Catholic Friends and one other non-Catholic who I think will appreciate it!

  15. Just sayin'

    A little Latin lesson here: Though the word “beer” comes to English from Germanic roots, it does happen to be the 1st person singular present passive subjunctive of the verb beo, beare. How about that! Gaudeamus, igitur.

  16. The Upper Patuxent Archaeology Group (Howard County, MD) treated Fr. Brian Sanderfoot to a Guinness at tonight’s meeting on the search for the 1662 Jesuit chapel at St. Francis Xavier Parish (St. Mary’s County, MD), as he was instrumental in getting this significant and fascinating project off the ground! See more at . Sláinte!

  17. I’m in too! Great idea. And have been very happy to spread the good news at Sacristies of the World

  18. Jeroen

    Haha, I am definitely going to bring a fine strong beer to my parish meeting tomorrow night. If there is anyone in this world who deserves a free beer it is our Priest!

  19. I hate to pour cold water, or, better yet, cold beer on this whole thing, but it’s really “International Brew a Priest a Beer Day” (for the really, truly, holy priests).

  20. coleperson2

    This is obviously a day whose time has come, as they say!

  21. This is a day whose time has come, as they say!

  22. Bulcsu

    I’m in.
    Bulcsu from Sopron/Hungary.

  23. Catey

    Hear, hear! I’m in

  24. brendan

    I’m in ready set go! Lol

  25. shylla jana

    am in ready to go

  26. Great idea! Is it possible offer to 2 or 3 priests in different hours? I’m from Italy and I’m very catholic, I know lot of priests… it’s difficult to make a choice 🙂

  27. Hennie Botes

    Eksteen, jy weet mos hoe jy waardeer word! As jy nie weet nie, weet dit nou.

  28. Ed (Theresia van Avila - Drechtsteden NL)

    this afternoon having a beer with our parish priests

  29. Ogbonna Ugwoke

    It is a very good idea. They do a lot prayers on our behalf and it’s good we appreciate it. I am in.

  30. Lutherans like beer, too…great idea. Let’s make it happen, this week. Thank you

  31. Susan H.

    Did that today after Mass!

  32. Ferenc

    OK! I wait for your inviting tomorrow

  33. I like the idea – but I find it a bit hard to believe that we can really know who was the first person to take their priest for a beer…

      1. Sally

        Ah, don’t take the fun out of it!! He says in the article that there is no such thing – but that there should be!!! Laugh a little – drink a beer!!

      2. Megan

        You mean there is no St. Hopswald of Aleyard?

        1. That’s correct. HOPSwald of ALEyard. Get it? 🙂

  34. Maire

    o.k. i am in taking me priest for
    a Guinness

  35. Helen

    I’m in. We are Anglican but we do have an Anglo-Catholic connection. (Any excuse, right?)

  36. Let’s make it “Buy a Clergyperson a Beer Day!”

  37. Pam

    I emailed my pastor this article and I will bring him a six pack on Monday when I attend the Liturgy Committee meeting. 😉

  38. Mary Ullman

    I’m In !

  39. Ann

    Our priest loves beer! I’m in!

  40. Reblogged this on Pierre, François et Josémaria and commented:
    Une idée intéressante, mais attention à l’excès.
    I like the idea, but beware of excess of invitations !

  41. Jes Nissen

    I’m in! (Ok, it’s Denmark, so we’re protestants, but: Im in!)

    1. norcalrunner

      Well, Denmark = Mikkeller in my world, and Mikkeller SF is only a few blocks away, so I’ll buy a priest a beer for ya! :~)

  42. Bruce Faulkner

    Here in Somerset, England the lengend is the St Pippin of Orange found a discouraged priest sat by the church door one day and, in true ‘love thy neighbour’ mode gathered him up and took him to the back of his milking palour where he poured forth a large jar of the finest cider (fermented apple juice in the UK). After a while the preist was seen happily on his way, and that way, and whoops – not that way. As a CofE presit in Somerset the 9th of Sept sound a good day to be encouragedm

  43. Anne Birrell

    I’m in!

  44. Brian Nicholson

    What a great idea. I’m not a priest, but a protestant minister, ecumenical of course!

  45. Rev Eleanor Berry

    Please do include those of us of the Anglican tradition and also include those of us who are women and priest. Many thanks.

  46. Rosaly Gutierrez

    I’m in!

  47. Katherine Wolfe

    My priest is a boy scout. The most profoundly innocent soul I’ve ever encountered. He’s probably never had a drop. A wonderful man, but my goodness, he’s a dork!

  48. agree . . our parish team (Tito-Boyet-Charlie-Jack-FrOca) in Bagbag, Novaliches, QC, Phils used to have Monday-night breaks, after a week of hard parish work . . this IBPBD is a great way to extend that tap-on-the-shoulder gesture . .

  49. genius. which priest should I take out first?

  50. Marsha Kearney

    I’m in. Love the comments.

  51. I am not a Catholic or a Priest, I am a pastor and Anabaptist, does this count for me as well, I would love the idea being applied for all people of faith.

    1. Sure it counts, but my suggestion in such cases is always that you convert. 😉

  52. Bill Hartley

    You know, “Buy Your Pastor a Beer Day” just doesn’t get any traction in Protestant circles. Seems we’ve missed something as a result of that whole Reformation thing. 🙂

    1. Yeah, you’re missing out on a lot! Become Catholic! 🙂

      1. Bill Hartley

        There are some things a beer alone cannot buy. Even a good Trappist lager.

  53. Tammy

    This is a lovely idea. Also, for the record, October is actually “Pastor Appreciation Month” (and recognized as such). The second Sunday of the month of October is traditionally “Pastor Appreciation Day” (unless your priest / pastor is off that day). A meal out during this time, I’m sure, would be most appreciated – and something different people in the congregation could take turns doing during the whole month. Imagine a priest not having to buy breakfast, lunch, or supper for a whole month. 🙂 For those who have pastors who are married, please include the spouse. 🙂

    1. akatlaban tomakawan

      And all the children? 😉

  54. Joe Dunn

    Great idea, Joe…it is the dry time of the year!

  55. Beer, whiskey, bourbon, does it really matter what the drink? My priest was serving wine at my church on Mardi Gras.

  56. Dorothy

    Hmmm… We have 3 priests. And it would be rude not to drink a pint with them right? Oh, I am SO in!

  57. John Kirwin

    I’m In, Thank you Fr. EJ. Stein in Galveston Texas. Ill offer up a cold one to you each and every Tuesday!

  58. Reblogged this on Steampunk Rector and commented:
    Or a whisky maybe?

  59. Reverend Bernadette Hull

    We are being Ecumenical and have a Prayer Breakfast at out local Weatherspoons this Saturday.

  60. I believe this is also applies to those of us of the Anglican persuasion… I’m in and shall notify my Parish immediately!

  61. fr. Piotr

    I’m in! 🙂

  62. Theresa

    I am so in! I work at The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton and I am including Archbishops and Auxiliary Bishops in this!. Roll on Monday 🙂

  63. Deacon John

    How about changing it to CLERGY to be more inclusive!

    1. Karen

      Because they are “Priests”–that is the biblical term and THE term the Church uses. If you want to buy a clergy-person a beverage, visit a protestant house of worship.

  64. When you buy that priest his beer on Monday… Perhaps you will both enjoy the beer more if you show this blessing to him so he can bless it’s sweetness and mirth before you both imbibe. [Traditional blessing for beer in Latin and English at the link.]

  65. Second Monday of every month is buy a priest a beer day in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

  66. Michael

    By the pure ratio of laity to clergy, I could see this ending badly if everyone participated.

    1. akatlaban tomakawan

      You’re right. 🙂
      Unfortunately, though, I’m afraid we needn’t be afraid of that…

  67. Hahahaahahahahaha! Oh gentlemen! I’m a teetotaler. 😀 I should just give a letter to my priest and a bottle or a can of beer…. 😀 Benedicamus Domino!

  68. SLY

    Very sorry for your experience. Thank you for the warning about moderation. I enjoy beer & cigars with my priest friend. He rarely has more than one.

    1. akatlaban tomakawan

      Cigars are disgusting, just like cigarettes and pipes. Tobacco sucks.

  69. Michele Zagorski

    I’m in!

  70. One of those children

    A word of caution: Drunk priests are as lacking in self control as are any other inebriated people. Don’t take them home to get them drunk. Bad things happen to children when they are around drunk adults.

    1. “You are the rum of the earth; but if rum loses its spice, how shall its rummies be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be cast out and trodden under foot by men. You are the beer of the world. A tap set on a bar cannot be hid. Nor do men tap a keg and put it under a barstool, but on a bar, and it gives beer to all in the house. Let your beer flow to men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Drink not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have come not to abolish them but to refill.”

      (See CCC 2290)

  71. Mikell Deptula

    I’m in! wish my seminarian were closer.. we would make it apply!

  72. joe braun

    great idea!!

  73. Heidi butler

    Great idea! I’m totally in…

  74. Jessica

    I’m in 🙂

  75. Astrid Castenfelt

    An excellent idea. Have shared on FB too. God bless our Precious Priests.

    1. akatlaban tomakawan


  76. lindelwa

    I’m in 🙂

  77. John Estabrook

    Great idea. Now, how to get it into the parish bulletins?

  78. Deacon Joseph A. Pasquella

    Sounds great! Next month is Buy a your deacon a beer month. So spread the word.:)

    1. Fr Joaquin

      I provide my deacon a drink at every Mass, the Blood of Christ. By my reasoning, I’m covered.

      1. Michelle

        LOL …And the BEST drink available to man!

    2. Deacon John

      Yes Indeed, I can’t agree with you more Deacon Joseph…from another Deacon here! 🙂

      1. Deacon Anton

        Hear hear.


        Couldn’t agree more

  79. Sounds good. Our priest is on a diet, so I’ll offer a rosary for him.

    1. Dorothy

      I love that you know your priest is on a diet! That’s a close parish!

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